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Powerflute Oyj

Powerflute Oyj

Powerflute Oyj is a packaging group with established position in Nordic semi-chemical fluting. The Group has one principal trading subsidiary Savon Sellu Oy. 
Savon Sellu operates a paper mill in Kuopio, Finland producing up to 300,000 tonnes per annum of Nordic semi-chemical fluting. The product is made from birch, sourced principally in Finland and Russia, and is sold under the brand name Powerflute®. Corrugated boxes manufactured using Nordic semi-chemical fluting demonstrate exceptional strength and moisture resistance and are extensively used for transportation of fruit and vegetables, high-value industrial goods such as electrical appliances and automotive components.


P.O. Box 57 FI-70101 Kuopio

+358 10 660 6999
+358 10 660 6212
Pekka Tykkylainen